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                       Beatuty of over 400 years Japanese handicraft


Yamanashi prefecture is landlocked, with mountains surrounding the central Kofu Basin and well known, Koshu Inden, which is designated as one of Japan’s traditional

arts and crafts.


Inden-ya was established in 1582 and has been keeping their tradition for over 400 years .   The techniques and patterns for making Inden were originally developed  to

produce certain parts of samurai armors in sengoku period.


In the end of Edo period, there were 3 Inden factories in Yamanashi, but after time went by, only one -Uehara Yushichi Inden was left and still have kept their old

tradition for 13 generations.


The same techniques and patterns are still used to create the beauty of Inden-ya products.  The process of handmade Inden deerskin leather follow three basic steps .

It takes many weeks to make a peice of Inden-ya products.  Each layer of lacquer needs to dry and harden and each step in the process of handmade Inden deerskin leather
must be done by hand, by only true artisans who knows the beauty of the traditions.


Please enjoy Japan’s beautiful art piece signifying the traditional Japanese design